Classic apple and cinnamon breakfast porridge

Classics are called classics for a reason.

Same applies to the traditional combo of porridge with apples and cinnamon and I just couldn’t resist to make it this Sunday. It’s been way too long since the last time I made it!

Serves: 2-3 people

Est. total preparation time: 10 min max

Est. cooking time: 2 min (according to the suggested time on the oats’ package)

Cooking method:
Cook the oats as suggested on the package (depending on the type of oats the time may vary) and add the spices and cut up apples into the mix. Transfer the mix into a bowl and sprinkle with raisins and nuts of your choice. Drizzle with honey or any sweetener of your choice. Enjoy!


  • Water (enough to cover the oats, stick to the proportions suggested on the oats’s package)
  • Splash of milk for taste (optional)
  • 1 cup of instant oats (Quaker’s was my choice)
  • 1 apple
  • A dash of salt (to add into the oats)
  • Grounded cinnamon (am a fan so in my case LOADS)
  • Honey or other sweetener to drizzle on top
  • Raisins and nuts of your choice as a topping (hazelnuts, pecan and almond are my top choices for this one – optional)

Classic apple and cinnamon breakfast porridge